Quality management

OCBS-OCAB ensures the management of the BENOR mark in the steel products for concrete sector, following the mandate obtained from the npo BENOR, in accordance with the requirements of articles 6 and 7 of the General Regulations for the management of the BENOR Mark (2013 edition).

This sector currently includes 4 areas of production in particular:

Since 1977, OCBS-OCAB has ensured the management of the BENOR mark in the steel products sector following this mandate in accordance with the requirements of the current Regulations for the use and the control of the use of the ''BENOR'' mark.

For various construction products and by decisions of the Belgian State and of its competent Minister, OCBS-OCAB has been notified to the European Commission as a notified body for the European Regulation (EU) 305/2011 on the marketing of construction products and consequently carries out the tasks foreseen by this Regulation to allow manufacturers of construction products to draw up their declaration of performance and affix CE marking on their products.

For the above certification activities, OCBS-OCAB is accredited by the independent accreditation body BELAC after a thorough audit based on internationally recognised requirements. This is formal proof not only of OCBS-OCAB's technical competence, but also of its independence and impartiality.

OCBS-OCAB guarantees that products for wich it has issued BENOR, CE and OCAB-OCBS certificates are checked in accordance with the standards in force. It also ensures the periodic publication of the lists certificate holders.

With a view to better controlling internal quality management problems, the Management Body, in its session of 15 May 1991, decided to adapt OCBS-OCAB's organisation to meet the requirements of national and international standards of quality management.

Special attention is paid to the impartiality and independence of both OCBS-OCAB and its suppliers, for this purpose the Management Body makes the necessary efforts to meet the requirements of the relevant standards in order to ensure the management of the marks for which OCBS-OCAB is responsible in the construction products sector. It obliges its employees, including the inspection bodies, to do the same.