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Since 1977, OCAB-OCBS certifies constructional products in the following sectors:

Steel for reinforced and prestressed concrete under BENOR-mark,

Structural steel, Lighting columns, Vertical road traffic signs under CE-marking,

Steel and aluminium structures under CE-marking and OCAB-OCBS mark.

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Founding Member and Official Sectoral Organization (OSO) of BENOR vzw asbl, founding Member of BUCP, Member of Certibel, Member of Conscert.

Notified Body pursuant to the Construction Products Regulation.  

BELAC Accredited Body certifying products, processes and services according to ISO/IEC 17065.  

OCAB-OCBS & (CE)1148 are Registered Trademarks (BENELUX / Europe).

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Approved Inspection Bodies and Laboratories